ScientiFIT is a site that performs a critical review of peer-reviewed, scientific findings in the fields of fitness and nutrition, evaluates the interpretations of studies, and makes fitness and nutrition recommendations accordingly.

Fitness has become fashionable; it is “in vogue” per se. Every day, a new book, magazine, company, or individual endorses a specific exercise regimen, or claims fitness success. In a time when claims for better health emerge from every corner, many of which lack evidence-based authenticity, you should trust no one but science.

Health, fitness, and nutrition are sciences and science, by definition, is testable, accurate, precise, current, and reproducible. Unfortunately, the scientific language, especially in the context of health and fitness, areas that are highly intermingled with biological/physiological processes, is often complex. Further compounding this issue, there appears to be a disjoint within the scientific community and the general public, whereby valuable data collected by scientists is often “lost in translation”. This disconnect has resulted in inefficient (and sometimes inaccurate) transfer of knowledge from the lab to the public.

The goal of ScientiFIT is to resolve the disconnect between the scientific community and the general public by providing health enthusiasts with a critical and accurate evaluation of scientific data. ScientiFIT readers can read posts, learn the newest fitness and nutrition tips, ask questions, and provide personal experiences/feedback.

ScientiFIT was developed by founder and editor-in-chief, Mitra Hooshmand, PhD, a trained neuroscientist, athlete, and creator of MIxxYoga.

Enjoy reading and thank you for allowing us to bring a ScientiFIT lifestyle onto your computer screen and eventually into your daily life.

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