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Mitra’s Personal Story: The Path to a ScientiFIT Life

The Freshman 15
Mitra’s approach to fitness has been shaped predominantly by personal experience. Having gained the “freshman 15″ in her first year of college, she was desperate for a speedy return to baseline. As an athlete who swam competitively for 14 years, being out of shape was intolerable for her. Reversal of this unhealthy state, however, proved to be an arduous one.

Ignorant Exercise Habits
As more than half of those seeking a path to weight loss would do, she returned to her comfort zone: fitness.  She embarked on an aggressive exercise regimen with minimal to no changes in diet/nutrition. As evidenced by her limited results, she began to consider exercise as a critical catalyst for weight loss, but not the main ingredient.

Failed Diets
Accordingly, she altered her food consumption. Sadly, a lack of proper knowledge in healthy nutrition resulted in her inability to maintain a well-balanced diet. First, she practiced a low-carbohydrate/high-protein diet, which correlated with a 15 pound weight loss within 3 months. However, as she later learned, this type of eating habit was unsustainable and resulted in a rapid 20-pound re-bounce once a regular diet was re-instituted.

Unhealthy Eating Habits
Desperate to find the golden path to a sustainable weight loss plan, she next resorted to a strict caloric-restriction diet which eventually led her down the path of anorexia- an eating disorder (with a large psychological component) characterized by avoidance of food/refusal to eat. She maintained this unhealthy lifestyle for over two years, but as she progressed in graduate school and gained maturity and knowledge, the significant physiological, biological, and psychological flaws of a minimal calorie diet became apparent to her.  As well, this unhealthy habit clashed with fundamental guiding principles of science. So, she began to question her ability to be an effective scientist without a change in lifestyle. Thus, her approach to health morphed into an evidence-based, scientific methodology.

A Sustainable Lifestyle: Where Health Meets Science
Combining her knowledge as a trained neuroscientist with her background as a competitive athlete, a 12-year experience with conventional exercise, and a 4-year experience in perfecting a healthy diet, Mitra has transformed her own body and psyche. Her experience speaks for itself and her scientific background provides her readers with a comprehensive health approach that is strictly based on well-designed, controlled, and objective studies.

Mitra’s goal as an evidence-based fitness writer and innovator is to revolutionize the public’s approach to a healthy lifestyle. Accordingly, this website (her creation) focuses on a comprehensive balance of studies related to fitness (in various areas including, cardiovascular exercise, strength training, yoga, pilates) and nutrition.

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