Article Submission

ScientiFIT accepts articles for publication. The process for submission and publication are provided below.


Review Process (Invited authors are exempt from this process)

Article submission includes the following steps:

  • The author submits an article
  • The editorial board reviews the article
  • The editorial board submits its comments back to the author
  • The editorial board makes the final decision regarding publication
  • The editorial board contacts the author with the decision

Submission Process (Applies to all authors)

Article Format:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Reader-capturing statement
  • Brief background
  • Summary of findings
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations (if necessary)

Author Biography:

  • Educational degree and background
  • Current career
  • Number of years of experience
  • Any other information the author would like ScientiFIT readers to know (especially related to health, fitness, and nutrition)
  • A high-resolution author profile picture (only pictures in either a fitness or professional setting will be accepted)

Submission Guidelines (Applies to all authors)

  • The article must fall within the scope of ScientiFIT, which is to promote better understanding of health
  • The article should be written in the “lay” language
  • The article should not exceed 500 words. Data analyses have revealed that readers spend an average of 2 minutes on every article, regardless of length, suggesting that long articles are not necessarily read thoroughly, thus providing no additional benefit.
  • Accepted file formats for article: .doc, .docx, .pages
  • All claims must be supported using authentic, peer-reviewed sources
  • References should be numbered in brackets (i.e. [1]) and a bibliography should be provided at the end of the submitted article
  • Inclusion of photos related to the article is recommended but voluntary and photos should always be cited (only high-resolution images will be accepted)
  • Accepted file formats for images: .jpg, .tiff, .pdf
  • Author biography should not exceed 200 words
  • Accepted file formats for author biography: .doc, .docx, .pages

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