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Customize Your Holiday Workout: Mix-and-Match Exercises!

At ScientiFIT, we have previously reviewed the beneficial and efficient effects of interval exercises.

Here, we provide an energetic, CardiYOGA-inspired interval routine that is guaranteed to make you sweat!

This interval routine consists of periods of high-intensity cardio routines with interspersed anaerobic/strengthening exercises.

Several ideas for the cardio sessions are provided at the end of the article. You can stick to one particular cardio idea or mix and match to customize your workout and keep yourself challenged.

Total workout time: Approximately 45-48 minutes

Expected number of calories burned: 600-800 (depending on intensity)

1) Dynamic warm-up (click here for the importance of this type of warm-up): 4 minutes of a light walk

2) Cardio session 1: 8 minutes

3) Strengthening session 1: A set of 10 push-ups with your hands staggered (i.e. left hand directly under left shoulder, right hand by the right rib-cage) and then switch hands and do another 10 on the other side (you always have the option to place your knees down if you are losing form).

4) Cardio session 2: 6 minutes

5) Strengthening session 2: Come into the top of a plank position, bring your feet wider than hip-width distance.  Pick up your right hand and bring it to your heart and hold, place the right hand back down, and pick up the left hand and bring it to your heart and hold, then place it back down. Do this 10 times on each hand.

6) Cardio session 3: 7 minutes

7) Strengthening session 3: Come into the top of a plank position. Push back to downward facing dog. Lift up the right leg to the ceiling. Bend the knee, bring the knee into your nose, round the back, and hold. Send that leg back up. Bend the same knee and bring it to your right elbow, then lift the right knee to your right shoulder and lower back down to the elbow 5 times and then send the leg back up. Bend the same knee and bring it to your left shoulder and hold, then send it back up. Do the same sequence on the left side.

8) Cardio session 4: 10 minutes

9) Strengthening session 4: Come into a forearm plank. Roll onto the outer edge of your right foot to come into side-plank on your forearm. Lift the left leg off the right and lower back to hover over the right leg. Repeat 6-8 times on the right and then come through center and go to the left.

10) Cardio session 5: 4 minutes

11) Strengthening session 5: Come into a forearm plank. Lift up the right leg, bend the right knee and bring it to your right shoulder. Then place that leg back on the floor, returning to forearm plank. Do the same on the left. Alternate between each side, pulling the leg in 10 times. At the end of this sequence, hold forearm plank, bring the heels of your feet together to touch. Squeeze the heels together and during the entire length of this exercise, do not let the heels come apart: Bend and lower both knees toward the floor to hover and then straighten the knees out, pushing the heels back, returning to forearm plank. Repeat 10 times.

12) Cool down: 3 minutes of a light walk

13) Static stretching (for benefits of this type of stretch, click here)

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Mix-and-Match Cardio Ideas:

  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Rowing
  • Burpees
  • “30-20-10”: 30 jump squats, 20 heismans, 10 jumping jacks
  • “The Dirty 40”: 40 knee to chest (in plank), 40 jumping jacks, 40 jump squats
  • Uphill walk
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